Feenwager Challenge Field Report 2: Bayonetta

On a relaxing Sunday where I finally had nothing to do for a change, I decided to marathon through the rest of Bayonetta and spent 5 hours doing so. Note that, following my previous attempt to get through it, I decided to swallow my pride and play it on easy. I played enough of it on Normal to experience the combat system and enjoy it but to be honest, my desire to finish Bayonetta had everything to do with wanting to see through the sheer absurdity of the whole thing and boy was I not disappointed.

I truly cannot tell you what actually happens in the game plot-wise but boy was it a ride….The whole thing plays like some teenage boy’s crazy dream. A beautiful women with a naughty teacher vibe spends a whole game throwing around sexual innuendo while kicking the heck of out enemies with crazy guns and weapons. Once you stop shaking your head at the whole set-up and just roll with it, it’s enjoyable from an absurdest point of view. The boss fights are just huge and crazy to experience. Most of Bayonetta’s one-liners made me laugh when they first pop up and her different special moves (especially her “climax” and “torture” moves) are just ridiculous. In what other game would you have a finishing move where her hair/body suit become limbs that play volleyball with a Golem for a bit before smashing it to bits? Or where break-dancing with guns shooting from your feet is a “normal” move? That’s right… none! :p

Anywho, the game was a fun romp but nothing I would go back to. I don’t care about my scores for each level so the re-playability is lost on me. It is not a game for everyone – the initial set-up will turn some people off immediately. However, if you fall for the initial scene where a J-Pop version of “Fly to the Moon’ plays while you destroy angel demons in a cemetery (like I did), then this will a game that you enjoy.

Next up from the Challenge list: AC Revelations. Time to see if I’ve gotten tired of the Ezio storyline yet…