I love fighting games, but Capcom has become incredibly exploitative with it’s business practices lately, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record comes to mind (Exactly the same game as Dead rising 2 for full price with a different protagonist copy->pasted in, to be fair, they gave him new lines in response to events, but ‘cmon…) Ultimate MvC3 as fun as it is to watch is basically the completed version of MvC3 (MvC3 didn’t even have a year of play before it was retired, missing entire features every other fighting game had) DLC is pricey comparatively. etc.

Like I said before, it comes down to ‘do you trust the publisher’ and Capcom has been working very hard in recent years to make sure I say ‘no, no I don’t.’

Which is too bad because the actual dudes on the ground can do some good work when they’re given the time and money.

As for DLC on the disk in concept, I don’t like it, consumer-wise I’d like as much as I can get for the dollars I pay, I don’t think there’s any shame in that. Give me Borderlands-style DLC a month down the line and I’ll shell out with a smile on my face, but to give me content on the disk it either has to be small/broken (due to short development time) or substantial (cut features) and I’ll be a bit miffed.

Besides, if it becomes something that’s just accepted it just means some other company somewhere down the road is going to push the boundary even further and in a more egregious way. No thank you.