This was a pretty interesting mix, all my more overt ‘travel’ songs were pulled by previous mixes so I was stumped for the longest time, then suddenly it hit me. Video games, maps, JRPGs… Map themes! Then suddenly it was an embarrassment of riches trying to pick from the hundreds great map themes. In the end I did one map theme and one theme that really transported me Somewhere Else whenever it played.

Runners up:
Chrono Trigger: Corridors of Time: (
Persona 4: Signs of Love (
Persona 3: When the Moon’s Reaching out to the stars (
Persona 4: Theater theme, just to really mess with all acoustic guitar traveling music I expected =D (

Of course, I’ve completely tipped my hand for future mixes, but if even 1/10th of the people on the board listen to a handful of those links it’s worth it 😀