@bowlisimo @beige You both mentioned “Sailing to Philadelphia” in your submissions, which was great. I decided to choose the road less travelled! Happy listening.

Feenwager Challenge Update:

A sneaking suspicion Back in Action will last a good long while. The mods the community have churned out thus far are incredible…and make it a savage, savage affair. I lost a good German mercenary this evening…Helmut ‘Grunty’ Grunther went down valiantly as we liberated Cambria General Hospital. I’m using a couple of new mods, Blue Dawn and Fireams Rebalanced, and they essentially make most enemies elite and heavily armoured, with the FR mod doubling the effective operating range of small arms as well as upping misfires and gun jams. Grunty, a fellow who had travelled with me for the fifteen hours I’d spent in BiA thus far, was cornered in a crossfire, with no angle of attack for Hitman and Ira to cover from and Fox helpless to apply first aid.

Ironically, Grunty died right there on the floor of the hospital, with doctors cowering in their offices no more than ten metres away.

He was avenged. It took two hours this eve to clear four rooms, but he was avenged. I will miss that man.

EDIT: Note that also Frank “Hitman” Hennessey was also quite fond of him, so for the next few missions, his morale is going to be utterly buggered. Might keep him at Drassen Airport until his grief is over. This kind of crazy mercenary interplay is an utter shadow of Jagged Alliance 2 – which has incredible intersquad relationships – but I’m chuffed there’s a tiny case of digital glumness going on at the moment.