@feenwager “Before adding any new inventory into the pile”?! Fuck that.

Okay, after Mass Effect 3 I don’t think I plan on buying anything else for the first half of 2012. Except probably Xenoblade. And Kid Icarus.

…and I just tracked down a Dreamcast copy of Resident Evil 2 today because I never got to play that game. A new numbered RE game is coming out this year man.

This is kinda how I’ve been operating for the past few years though – raise standards on my purchases, and only buy games day one if I absolutely intend to play them to satisfaction right there. It’s… kinda working. In comparison to my oldschool backlog, my current gen console backlog is pretty small I think.

Most of my list is relatively short too, especially on console, but there are still some troublesome titles in there. Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls ain’t BOTH happening this year. One of them maybe, probably Demon’s since I’m further through it and the servers will probably go down this year. GTA IV is the other big console problem. I think that I seriously only made it a third of the way through that game.

There are two Bethesda games on my PC list, and ArmA II is a hell of a lot of game. It’s a combat sim with JRPG amounts of singleplayer content. I’d actually almost call that game squad material. I have no idea what’s waiting for me in STALKER.