I dared count my steam games one afternoon. Lets say its somewhere over 140 games.
Good thing for me the majority of those have been put to rest, or have been played to my satisfaction.
Its mostly a list of classics that I keep for a rainy day of nostalgia, and very few have cost over 5 dollars.
There are games in there that are simply quick hits well worth the time and money spent, but no more.

2012 as an itinerary probably won’t be as conveniently binary as I would wish. I know that I cannot force myself into a particular mode of gaming. For me that is a recipe for a one night stand.
I do however enjoy the concept of this challenge. It might get me to appreciate more of what I have, and less of what is new and shiny.

The games I have sitting around that I intend on putting to rest are as follows:

Freedom Force
Dead Space 2
Scratches:Director’s Cut
Gabriel Knight 3
Cave Story

Saints Row the Third
Rayman Origins
Dead Island

Pixeljunk Shooter 2

Wii Emulator (you heard me):
Last Story
Xenoblade Chronicles

As far as releases I know I will buy Mass Effect 3 is definitely there. SSX may also be happening.
Other than that I will afford myself the luxury of multiplayer gaming.

The next major releases I am looking forward to may be Max Payne 3 and maybe Silent Hill: Downpour if it fixes the franchise. So I will vow not to succumb to these may releases (I think) until I have crossed off pretty much everything from my list. I think this is a good challenge. Nice idea.