@bowlisimo I have a terrible suspicion that this is the result of a fan being far more enthusiastic and clever the publishers are willing to take risks, but god I hope that’s not true.

Character creation! I guess I started it so I might as well bring it home.

For myself when I started making D&D characters in high school they were somewhat bland self-inserts, in those days of AD&D you didn’t have a ton of choices, ‘elven wizard, maybe with a special familiar’ I found that this made me super cautious as I might myself be when exploring a dangerous ruin or dining at a norse god’s table

Then a friend of mine who I went to school with and later met again at a gas station job (and is a hilariously good GM) invited me to be part of his newly revived “Furiken High” game, a Big Eyes Small Mouth 2nd Ed edition high school mecha-league game with one very specific rule, anything goes, but the team must have at least one mecha to field, and you absolutely must play a female character. I was not particularly comfortable about this at the time, since I was still super shy and awkward, but I quickly found that distanced me enough from my decisions that I was able to take great risks, do strange/rad things and generally be a much more fun and exciting presence in the group, and since that character was so rad that’s informed all my characters since.

Since then the only non-female characters I’ve played have been monsters (treant, hound archon, pixie) or BORING (a Solar in Exalted, and… god if there were any others they’re too boring to be remembered.) interestingly, my characters have consistently been becoming more and more ‘mascot-ish’ damned if I know what that means… When my group moved away and my D&Ding went to IRC channels the trend continued and Two of my favorite oddballs were

  • a Japanese-horror type little girl who is half made of condensed void to cover horrible injury, carries a bunny and is protected by an enormous shadow wolf named Muffins
  • a tiny half-snake goddess as long as a normal human’s forearm, she was worshiped by an old tribe but since civilization came and her tribe was destroyed her power has dried up to the point where she’s lvl 1 PC, on an eternal quest to regain her godly might and smite the great evil of STAIRS and unbelievers (which she still can’t get past without help, and yes that is in order of priority. >_>)

I find being ‘interesting supporting cast’ in someone else’s story is a lot more fufilling then successfully taking center stage. It’s not always great, and can be slow sometimes, but it seems to make the characters more ‘real’ to the other players. I mean, the day one of the guys in my group told me a character of mine was in a dream of his, I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically.

Same thing basically happens with MMOs, I played a gnome first, then a draeni, I’ve become oddly attached to freaking out other people who ‘don’t get it’ with character choices or my reasons for them… For example when asked why a female draeni I’ll tend to say something along the lines of “oh DUDE, her legs bend in THREE PLACES *exaggerated eyebrow waggle*” “W-b.but she has HOOVES 8|” “Damn straight she does ^_^”

Shhh… it’s a secret to everybody =P

  • Class picking order: Monsters -> Mages -> women -> rogues -> archers -> anything but fighter -> god don’t make me pick fighter pleeeease -> … maybe I’ll play something else -> fighter
  • Like beige, I immediate priority in games is things that will help me explore and learn the secrets, if I can do it without missing things I’ll instead get the ‘xzibit’ skills (here’s a skill/item/perk/feat that gets you more skills/items/perks/feats over time) I suppose I play the stats of games like an economist, but only as far as my own brain will take me, I never copy builds.
  • I’ll take adorable over beautiful, but either’s fine
  • As exotic as I can possibly get within the confines of the world. Be that class choices, stat gains, specialties, etc. I just love unusual things, and I will desperately avoid ‘normal’ choices, (humans, fighters, soldiers, any variant of ‘it’s a man holding a different tool’ makes me head for the hills)
  • I unerringly play chaotic, waaay chaotic. I found out very quickly it doesn’t even matter what I’m trying to do, I will always pick the option that I think will lead to the most excitement. If I was in a Temple of Doom, or Lord Octyoch’s Throne Room the moment anyone turned their back on me I’d pick up the idol, or touch the soul gem, not for money or greed, but to see if it did something, and only the far off grind of whatever death trap or hum of doomsday weapon was triggered and my character’s aghast shout of “I DID A THING! D=” or exuberant “I AM A HELPER =D” warns them.

Oh and here’s the images I stole for my tiny snake

TOO much fun 😀 Legends *abound* of the craziness she got up to. XD
Don't let her fool you...
She's not much of a monster anymore =P