Heh, I like this. Let’s see…

  • Typically female, as discussed below.
  • Swift, agile, dual wield — yes please.
  • Rarely play with two-handed weapons. That big-dumb-bruiser style of play (high strength, high con) never interests me.
  • I always take talky/persuasive abilities too, though I’m not totally in love with systems that let you talk your way out of anything just because your stats are high enough. I much prefer systems like DXHR’s or The Witcher 2’s where conversation is more strategic.
  • Sometimes I let myself get seduced by the idea of playing a stealthy character, but few RPGs have a robust enough stealth system for it to be fun in the long run.
  • I really like stealth games where the main motivation for hiding in shadows is that the darkness makes you deadlier. I’m a big fan of the stealth in Batman and SC Conviction. I basically played DXHR as a lethal Batman with guns.