As for the Baldur’s Gate thing, the full stupidity of the Games Press Rumour Mill is in force. I saw an article yesterday that basically said “it might be a new game. Or a rerelease. Or a Facebook game. Basically we don’t know.” It took about a thousand words to say this.

Supposedly one of the Beamdog (ex-BioWare) guys has said it’s nothing to do with the Baldur’s Gate Complete thing that’s coming to Steam.

Maybe it is a third-person shooter. Or a free to play MMO. Or — God forbid — a Facebook game.

Anyway, onto other matters. Character creation!

  • Redhead female. Always. Usually long hair. I like having a pretty person to look at in cutscenes, particularly if they’re voiced by Jo Wyatt.
  • If I have the choice of clothing colour, blue or purple is usually my preference.
  • Archetype varies depending on what type of RPG we’re talking. In MMOs and Dragon Age-style things, I enjoy playing mages. In Elder Scrolls games, I like playing backstabby stealthy thiefy types. Fighter-types are a bit dull for me, though I’ll often go with them in action RPGs.
  • Silver-tongued conversation skills. Always.
  • Lots of Charisma. Always. The only game it’s ever helped significantly in is Planescape: Torment, but that was enough to make me always want to play charismatic characters.
  • Dual-wielding is always fun.
  • Where dual-wielding is unavailable, a fancy one-handed sword will do the trick nicely.
  • I used to habitually play Chaotic Good but have moved more towards Lawful as time has gone on. This makes occasional Chaotic outbursts all the more satisfying, as it reminds me of myself — patient and Lawful most of the time, but if you piss me off you’ll get a blast of Chaos all up in your face.
  • I tend not to think of “backstories” for single player RPG characters because inevitably it’ll clash with the background the game wants you to have. In MMOs, however, it’s another matter, particularly if you’re playing on an RP server. I have some very fond memories of RPing with my World of Warcraft mage and paladin, who were related but hadn’t seen each other in years. (Convenient, since it was impossible for them to be in the same room.) The RP my friend and I had going on made our eventual arrival at Stratholme a pretty awesome story event in our minds, despite WoW being beyond crap at storytelling.