@shingro My escapism typically works through inhabiting someone other than myself, whether it’s a character someone else has created, or one I imagine. I think I used to, but nowadays I don’t fantasize about being IN the game as ME. It’s very immersion breaking. I don’t want to see my face kissing Morrigan in Dragon Age or something, that’s too weird. In fantasy games (table or video) I tend to roll Dwarf instead, because they’re just fun all around.

I’ll play these characters the way I think they would act, often to extremes. Like I said a few posts ago, I cannot abide by a Solid Snake who acts like a mass murderer. Or say I carry out a mission sloppily in AC2, I’ll restart it, thinking, “Ezio would do better than that”. But, the fact that I’m driving these characters, like @impynickers mentioned, means my personality and moral compass does bleed through here and there like a reverse Animus, even when I don’t really want it to. It’s inevitable. My Renegade run of Mass Effect 1/2 was not 100% Renegade, and that’s because *I* was playing.

Dark Souls is an exception. You’re given a blank slate, and then you’re forced to try, fail, and learn on your own, which makes the lessons and experiences very personal. You really have no choice but to be YOU… well… if you were fit and could swing a weapon with some modicum of skill and grace, etc.