I’m digging the character creation stuff. Gets me inside the minds of you nutbags.

Most of my characters will bear at least a passing resemblance to me, mostly because in real life I sort of look like a generic bald space marine. I also find most hair texture unconvincing and distracting. That said, my Reckoning character was a black guy with grey cornrows. Why? Because.

Side note: I actually aged my character in Dragon Age 2 in between every chapter break. In the story, time passed, so it made me feel that much more into the character. I’m a weirdo.

  • I will always, always take perks/options that let me talk my way out of stuff. 100% of the time, never fails.
  • Stealth never, ever, ever…ever.
  • Dual wielding whenever possible.
  • I’ll always pick passive bonuses over active because it makes the game easier on my brain.
  • Anything that boosts the amount of XP I get is a must.
  • Anything that opens up/auto discovers the whole map for me is another must.
  • I always go for constitution/strength out of the gate because you can’t win if you can’t stay alive, yes?
  • I always think I want to snipe, but in reality I never do.
  • Sword & Shield over Greatsword. Hammer over staff. Shotgun over pistol. M16 over Uzi.
  • Any perk that lets my character move faster is a early get.
  • I always have to find the most effective crowd control perk in every game. I like killing many things at the same time.
  • Mercantile perks are always a waste of time.

That was fun. Who’s next?