Warning: Bile incoming, the following post is not recomended for: Happy people, People with a skip in their step, People with heart conditions, or anyone really. No seriously, It’s really, truly embittered and you won’t feel good after reading it. Unfortunately it appears that Mr Reddit did an excellent job of pushing my buttons, he should be very proud. 8| *COMMENCE BILE*

I imagine we’ve diverged into two separate topics of ‘dlc in general’ and ‘dlc in mass effect”

I still think having 700 megs of content on the disk which someone has to download a 50k executable for is not something gamers should encourage, yes, like the article suggested it may result in extra teams being retained on it or it, or it may be work that’d never see the light of day otherwise, or it may encourage an unscrupulous publisher to take a finished, meaty product and cut off bits until it’s the bare minimum that’s worth $60 and sell the rest back in $5 chunks. But whatever the answer is it won’t *Always* be that. I would like to hear a real good argument on how the bad stuff CANNOT happen, not just pointed to one example, explaining that ‘no seriously, this is what goes on every time honest just stop paying attention, stop complaining and pay out.’ Yes, people need to understand game development is complicated, but they also need to understand that the companies aren’t your buddy buddies, they will charge you exactly what they can get away with. Period, not with malice sure, but this isn’t a land of benevolent autocracies.

and if the companies could double the prices of games without any public outcry or drop in profit we’d have $120 games tomorrow, maybe not from everyone, but from most, and even the good ones would go over eventually, double quick if they have shareholders to listen to. So yeah, people should be complaining for the right reasons, 100% back this guy on that.

but do not ever tell people not to complain or pay attention. Not. Ever.

I notice of course that there’s no mention of how idle teams in large publishers can be moved onto pre-production for the next game on their plate, or that the pricing of games *period* is completely out of whack, about how DLC production methods vary from dev team to dev team, nor how multiplayer content being shaved off the main game into a special box which you won’t get if you don’t pay to the publisher directly is 100% a step down the road people worry about, (previously free features becoming part of this or that bundled pricing scheme) but this image is specifically complaining about the uniformed complainers, so that’s fine I guess. So now I get to call him uniformed and we’re *all* pissed off =P Grand net gain oh Reddit png maker >_> According to our helpful graphic the DLC team is a fully seperate set of people from the main team, and post release dlc is another entirely separate team of newly employed people. I guess we can look forwards to the number people hired by each dev team to triple over the next five years as all these people are hired and never let go. Maybe he did consider that, but better not put that on the graphic, that’d be counterproductive

and yes, the tone of that picture is incredibly reductive and arrogant. The tone of this post is similarly irritated and hell, probably filled with it’s own inaccuracies and reductions, but at least I can assure you they’re genuine oversights not some snarky Powerpoint to bring people to my point of view, so just ignore that, I’m addressing the author, not any squaddies. >_>

but honestly wtf, maybe it doesn’t matter anyway, the lesson that will be learned there is even if content was or wasn’t done by the time the game went gold or if it was or wasn’t part of the original document (MULTIPLAYER was probably part of the original design I’m guessing, there’s a bad sign) the lesson that will be learned at the unscrupulous publishers will be ‘hey, just keep it on the main servers and make them download the whole thing.’ We can’t stop it, and as Mr Reddit accurately says people are complaining for the wrong reasons. The hope of an informed consumer base is probably a pipe dream, so if you’ll excuse me I’m just going to scoot myself into the Keiji pillow fort, keep up on Steam weekend deals (Deus Ex is 10$ this weekend!) and wait for the bottom to fall out of the ever more expensive business model of consoles.

TL:DR Mass Effect 3 is fine by and large, but consumers still have to pay attention and they still gotta complain when something rubs them the wrong way, that’s their duty. Someone at reddit is very clever at making clever graphics and clever arguments that obscure the weaknesses in the DLC model, I hate it when people are dismissive and reductive to other people, so I’ve taken the bait, apologies to everyone, but I’d rather type it out then stew over it all day at work tomorrow =P Bottom line, every game and every dlc pack gets evaluated on it’s own merits, and no honest feeling reaction to them is ‘wrong’ For myself? removing stuff like catwoman or multiplayer for *any* consumer? That Sucks, find another way to get your cut, if I might make a suggestion? Lead the way in getting prices under control enough that an extra $5 off a game isn’t a big deal and you won’t find people desperately cutting anything they can off your game or marathoning it and trading it in. Budgets might be 20x larger these days, but I’m not having 20x as much fun. So something broke along the way, fix it please.

Again: MASS EFFECT 3 WILL BE FINE, but I don’t like the model, that’s just my opinion and it’s a strong enough opinion to tip me, I’ll send a sorry letter to bioware if I must, but that’s just how I feel.

Bleeeeh, I think that’s everything, I do feel faintly better but god, that wasn’t fun at all. Allow me to offer my earnest and heartfelt apology for that. I wish I could just Shift+Home and hit delete, but discussions would never get anywhere if people shied away from the first indication that a negative emotion is being felt. So there it is :/ In all it’s horrible destitute glory :\

I’m gonna get some rest -_____-