@sinfony Since the devilish tale of “When the Antipode Sleeps” was running its course during this huge desk-thumping discussion, all I can say is I do believe we’ve seen a shift due to digital delivery from the days of the “Expansion pack” and what’s classed as “DLC” today. It’s a mindset today where you can monetize at will, whereas you had to make it worthwhile back in the day.

It’s easy to proclaim the situation easy from a North American’s point of view, but just try getting nickelled and dimed with Australian prices. Even in the age of digital distribution, my countrymen are getting worked in the wallet, paying often twice as much as you Yanks DESPITE the Australian dollar now worth more than the Greenback. You can imagine how that goes down. “Oh, congratulations! You’ve just paid near a hundred dollars for a non-special edition of a game. How about paying twenty for this DLC we’ve shunted out at the same time. Bet you wish you were wrapped in the Stars and Stripes!”

EA is especially bad with pricing down under. So, in regards to the expansion pack versus DLC, I certainly make a distinction, however nebulous and intangible it may seem.