@sinfony Of course they are. But that is not what I was objecting to. Multiple editions of something, which reproduce the same content, are indeed available in all media. As are multiple VERSIONS of something (e.g. Standard vs. “collector’s edition” or “director’s cut” or what have you.)

Neither of these things is what I was talking about. When George releases a “new” version of Star Wars, the information that is on the disc is the information that is on the disc. I have access to all of it because I made my purchase, and much as I might wish otherwise no amount of fiddling around will give me the version where Han shoots first.

With a game, the information on the disc is not necessarily all accessible to you. That is what I object to – if I bought the disc then what is on the disc should be accessible to me, in my opinion. Paying to unlock something that’s already there is the least desirable DLC format, and I’d be happy to see it disappear.