@rampant No worries, that’s fine for me =) If given two options, I’ll always take quality over time, missed your presence on the squadcast though, you have a history of being on some seriously good ones. (Besides, sometimes it’s hard to keep perspective when the discussion is a total sausage-fest, especially in VN/Eroge land c_c legend has it we did okay, but I’m always ready to worry some more! =P)

A misc scattering of points for the DLC argument just to keep the pot nice and hot =)

I think this is more of a perspective thing then anything, DLC can be removed from a pre-existing design to be sold as day 1 dlc or it might be crafted by an idle team while the game has already gone gold or is going through cert. There’s also probably gradients in between where large developers with extended franchise contracts might have otherwise been doing prep work on the next iteration rather then twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next contract. Alternately maybe a large dev is pulling help from elsewhere that wouldn’t be on the project in the first place. They real question is ‘how much do you trust the publisher’

(Aside: If it’s on the disk, there’s almost no way that it was ‘extra’ as I understand development, so that’s gotta stop.)

Now this is where things are going to get sticky because I’ll say that for myself, I’m starting to worry about Bioware. This comes from a guy who went through every part he could of Baulder’s Gate and loved Dragon Age and suchlike.

Trouble is, for better or for worse they have changed.

I don’t know exactly how deeply or to what extent, maybe the personalities haven’t changed and they’re just further removed from the process, their writing staff is still top notch as always. Still, Baulder’s gate -> Baulder’s gate 2 felt far more substantial and complete then DA -> DA2. It feels as if the yearly iterations in modern games are starting to stress their development capabilities. Not unusual, this happens to many developers at some point. Studios, teams, and assets are taking more time and money.

The thing that makes me worry is that instead of delaying or reorganizing to ensure that the content was all there and all good, they pushed DA2 out the door with a lot of copy-paste areas, this was probably the first and most serious blow to my trust in them. Then their games are quickly becoming the most ‘sharded’ experiences out there. I don’t think I’ll ever like having an NPC sitting in my camp asking me if I want to get my credit card out to go on his quest.

On top of that, ME3 is looking kinda ‘dead-spacy’ action elements appear to be becoming the focus of gameplay, the fans have asked, and we’ve been assured it’s being ‘re-rpg-ified’ compared to 2, but Bioware’s name is on the new Command and Conquer…(?!?) I dunno… I worry for them, like a buddy you’ve known a long time but you suspect have fallen in with the wrong crowd I feel like however the shots are getting called, they’re getting called with an eye on my wallet not on my eyes.

I really hope beyond hope I’m wrong, I’ll be thrilled if they have honestly been able to push back against the yearly iteration bit and are taking the time to make sure everything is top notch, but it feels like someone said “Sure, you can have more time, but you gotta generate additional income to make up for it.”

Anyway, back on point I guess, I think we can all rally against ‘we were going to leave this on the disk, but this character is so popular that we can increase our profits 20% if we make it a trade-in code, regardless of the problems this will cause for consumers’ and we can mostly get behind “hey, this team wouldn’t be doing anything anyway, a sequel isn’t guaranteed, so they made this extra adventure area for you, mind tossing us a few bucks for it?”

The question is ‘which is it?’ I don’t think DLC is all breaking one way or the other, so in the end, it comes down to trust (and to a lesser extent, pricing =P)