Pete, I’m not taking the side of big business. I’m taking the side of judge the game, not its price and delivery mechanism. My participation here is part of my (likely futile) attempt to redirect discussion to the game itself and not to issues that are, frankly, ancillary at most. When all the rest of you buy ME3 on launch, I want to hear (in minimal-spoilers fashion) about how the game is. I’m afraid that all this handwringing about DLC could poison that discussion.

To the rest of your point, I expect that people stopped “taking the side of the consumer” when the consumer became a frothing, incoherent, overentitled asshole–which, of course, is not what anybody here is, but take a detour through your local gaming forum and you’ll understand. I’m personally bothered by it because I’m quite certain that the majority of the “everything the devs did before they started stamping discs IS MINE” is the same crowd that pirates music/movies and then ruthlessly attacks anybody who says they’re wrong to do so. I have no patience for such people, nor for people who cannot muster a reasonable argument for their position. And again, I’m speaking exclusively about people on the internet at large, not ’round these parts. Everybody here has been alarmingly sensible, with the exception of Pete’s documented hatred of the letter Z.

Rampant, as for licensing, I’m quite sure we’ve both breached the terms of some EULA just by having this conversation. Professional responsibility causes me to bite my tongue on the subject, but let’s just say that we probably agree on the larger issue.