Jesus Christ look at what rolled around here today.

I couldn’t read all of this DLC talk but I agree with what I read from @angryjedi about how companies should rewards players who buy new instead of punishing people who buy used. The problem with “Project $10” is that people have come to expect multiplayer as a part of the base game, and when it’s behind a paywall they know it’s bullshit. They need to feel like content is being added, not taken away. Things like skins, documentaries, artwork, soundtracks, and just cool cosmetic shit I think is perfect for new purchase incentives.

People are buying these games used because they don’t see the added value in buying new. Same thing with piracy.

I think great examples have actually been coming from a lot of niche publishers of all people. If you buy a game like Persona or Devil Survivor or something from Atlus, typically the standard edition will come with a sound track, a snazzy box, and a mini art book. Look at The Witcher 2 (or every game on GOG). When that comes out on 360 in April, every new copy will come with almost as much extra stuff as BioWare is packing into the Mass Effect 3 special edition.

As for DLC itself, I’m still disappointed that it never evolved into the expansion pack environment that you have on PC.