I think for a lot of us it just comes down to our perceptions of what the company is saying to us as a result of their policy.

“Thanks for buying the Ultra Crystal Dragon Edition! Here’s a code to download some bonus content” is usually fine with me.

“Thanks for buying our game new! Here’s a code; please verify that you did so” is eye-rolling but basically fine with me. I’m usually buying new, so whatever.

“Hey, guys, here’s some new stuff we’ve been working on since the game released” is also fine with me. (But kinda annoying since it usually comes way after we’re done actually playing.)

Where it becomes really just exasperating is where it feels like the company is saying to the end user “Thanks for the $60. Now if you pay us an additional $10, you can actually play with all the stuff we had ready for this game’s release.” Just price the damn thing at $70 to start with and give me everything. The $10 isn’t enough to make the barrier of entry THAT much higher once you’re already pricing stuff at $60. The price barrier for people who are cash-strapped enough to be worried about buying a game or not for monetary reasons is lower than that, IMO.

The issue of licensing vs. ownership is indeed much bigger than any of this, and falls into “Land war in Asia” territory in terms of the wisdom of getting into arguments over it. I will say simply that as someone who has trained to be a librarian, I find licensing practices these days to be deeply, deeply loathsome, and leave it at that.