I can agree that the game’s quality trumps all other considerations, but I’d note that at least as far as discussion goes and our own metrics here, ‘the majority of people who are annoyed are pirating things anyway’ is problematic for a couple reasons.

A. too inclusive, no data or statistics, wide reaching judgment.
B. according to our small anecdotal evidence in the squad, we have at least 3 people who are irritated but don’t pirate things.
C. and most important, Day 1 DLC is pirated right along with the main copy, no pirate missed out on using Shale, nor will they miss out on Catwoman. Anything already on the disk pirates can get to like snapping fingers, and even things that aren’t like the DA DLCs are often cracked. So if you see someone legitimately pissed about content on the disk you are actually pretty much assured they *aren’t* pirating it. (I suppose they could be just REALLY BAD at piracy, but that’s not large enough a percentage to factor, and outside the argument)

(Besides, depending on how you read it you could imply ‘most people who disagree with x are terrorists pirates’ You’re not that sort of dude, but it’s a bad habit to get in to, so I only mention it out of love)

I will also back you in this conversation for as divisive as it is, is shockingly civil, credit to all parties involved! You are all awesome and lovable ❤