For myself, while I’m not interested in DLC most of the time, as a customer I think it’s dangerous in a trend sense not to push back when an anti-consumer practice happens. If the game is so expensive that you *absoultely must* monetize previously unorganized assets, that’s a problem with the budgets not a problem of the consumer.’ It’s sorta like rights, sure you might not ever use your right to whatever it may be, but you still shouldn’t be okay with losing it for little reason.

It seems that the main sticking point here is ‘already on the disk’ DLC, stuff that would have been included otherwise.

On that point I’ll mention that the only game I can think of that ‘felt’ seriously expanded compared to the non-dlc version of the game is Borderlands, I don’t think I could have expected that game to have everything from the GotY edition in it right out of the box

Everything else though? I dunno, I’ve been playing games a loooong time, and I’d like to think that if dev teams were suddenly producing 3-6 months of extra content I’d recognize a change in game length or density. I suspect that the lion’s share of any extra time is going to bug fixes and getting it shipped. I could also imagine polish and bug fixes being ignored to work on DLC content (since that’s monetized and the granual user experience isn’t so much)

I dunno, the pressures Day 1 DLC put on the game feel bad to me, Give me the DLC late, keep your team employed. I’ll pay attention developers, I promise.