Fact: I’ve been steadily employed and therefore had money since 2001. For this reason I tend to buy new games when I buy. Historicially the reason for this is:

a) I’m a bit of a collector and I enjoy having box X on my shelf, especially rare or 10 second purchase window stuff like Xenoblade
b) I HATE WAITING for some dude to get bored enough to sell game X at the local GameDump
c) I get to get the Feels about supporting the game industry

Things are changing in my life though. Humping an entire armoire of old Gamecube, PS2 and DS games to a storage locker (and back, come this Saturday, woo!) was enough to convince me of the error of my packrat ways. In 2012 I can and will be just as satisfied looking at a nice clean shelf in the physical world and looking at a nice cluttered steam list.

I do buy used games from time to time, but people are consistently making it more and more annoying to do. Let’s take Asura’s Wrath for example. Here is a game I want to play for sure, but do I want to pay the same price of $65-80 CAD for what is by all accounts a QTE fiesta? No, I do not. The launch window for this is going to be tiny though, and there is no guarentee of Dudebro selling it back to GameDump at a moment where I just happen to be in the store.

What is likely in this situation is that I will simply just be forced to take a pass on AW (and Saints Row, etc. etc.) until it becomes somehow available on Amazon or Best Buy for $29.99 or whatever. To me, this lessens the genetic pool of what’s available on any given purchasing day and makes me sad. There should totally be a A or AA “come on, take a chance on it” level game price point for something like Asura’s Wrath or Insect Armageddon. You can do this on steam with Crazy Sale days, but at the moment there is no incentive to do this in meatspace because discs still cost money.

Now, the waiting game is the one that’s going to get me at this stage in my life. Time is money, and I have more money than time on a usual day. Fuckers have figured out that it’s easier to just get me to pony up $10 for collectors edition and have done than screw around downloading DLC packs — and I’d be OK with this situation if I could just give someone my money and GO HOME but in a strange hydra-biting-own-head situation the guys who want to sell me the content up front for $10 more monies are fighting internally with the guys who want me to hold onto my game and not sell it back to GameDump by dangling the promise of more enhancements to my beloved game 6-10 months down the road. This is fucked. The kind of thing that makes a man turn to indie and shortform games just so I don’t have to have another plate throwing argument. I have often said that I’d be generally OK with paying $10 more for a game that is genuinely worth $10 more in value, but I think somehow these chains have gotten too long. I don’t want to be supporting the guys who made the Facebook tie-in annoyanceware for Mass Effect 3 but everything has been squished together like cookie dough to the point where I cannot pay JUST Bioware. I must pay EA’s stupid social networking guys as well or have none of anything – and this I do not want.

Basically, yeah, the consumer is the one whose voice is being lost in the shouting match. No big surprises there.

Experiments like buying direct from the manufacturer are where *I* want the industry to head towards, but NOBODY in the big tripod of platform holders / publishers / retailers has any interest at all in enriching Tim Schaffer or the guys who, you know, PRODUCE. So, uh, yeah, you should buy Amenesia and To The Moon and Gemini Rue and stuff from the people who still sell their wares the old fashioned way. This I can unreservedly support.