Couple of things:

1) I am with Jedi in hating day-one DLC, especially if it’s just stuff that is already on the disc but arbitrarily locked until you pay for it. Other media do not make me pay for this stuff. I don’t have to send $10 to Harper Collins to read all of a book. If I buy a DVD, I often get something EXTRA for the money: documentaries, commentary, what have you. Nice. As a consumer I dislike the feeling that something that is already there is being withheld from me until I pony up. A little reframing of the situation (at least!) could be most helpful in mitigating my loathing.

2) I am also with Bowley in that often the best solution for frustrated people is to just wait and buy the game after time has passed. This is my Skyrim strategy (I want the modders to have their wicked way with it before I buy.) However, this is not always feasible, and even when it is, you then have to make a choice to miss out on the shared experience of playing through something new with your friends. As a consumer, this too is a bummer.

3) I like digital downloads (provided my rights to them are secure and/or backups are permitted) and feel that this generally gets around the “used and old” problem pretty well thanks to GOG and friends.

4) Shingro, I haven’t forgotten you asked about my thoughts on KS. But things are a little too crazy right now for a proper think-and-write. 🙂 Please hold.