@wrdsmth As someone who is currently wasting all his time on trying to re-play Mass Effect 2 TWICE, I don’t feel like that new squadmate is gonna be THAT important to the game. Zaeed and Kasumi were really just auxiliary characters, if that (though the Kasumi pack is really useful for infiltrator Shepard). Honestly, none of these standard editions I’ve bought has felt incomplete without these microtransactions.

@cgrajko @unmanneddrone @angryjedi I played the Asura’s Wrath demo, and honestly it felt like I could just watch a YouTube run of the full game and get the same amount of entertainment, treating it like an anime series made on UE3. There just wasn’t enough gameplay there. I’ll admit, there was a split second during one battle where I seriously felt like I was participating in an anime fight scene, not unlike Zone of the Enders 2, but it passed.

I guess that’s what I should expect, seeing as CC2 is mostly known anime tie-in games that are shockingly close to the source material.