Good to see so much more chatter around here. Maybe someday when I’m not in the middle of a life-altering move, I’ll hop in and chat, too. Here are some quickies.

HAWT Shit:

  • Billings, Montana – It’s cold, sparse, friendly, and beef lovers want for nothin’. Folks, I think I may have found a place I can call home.
  • The “loli cripple porn” SquadCast (I kid) – Amazing job, guys. Leave it to the Squad to make such a niche title appealing to even the most uninterested player. @shingro, you did a hell of a job on the show. Hope you can hop on future episodes, too.
  • Hero Academy – I love it because of one thing: limitations. Each side only gets 5 actions per turn and deciding how to best maximize your turns hits my happy chord. Plus, we’re getting dwarves on 2/22. Much love to my fuzzy kindreds.
  • Idle Thumbs returns – You mean people will financially support a kick ass podcast? I guess a few people seem up for it. Let’s hope this trend continues.

Horse Shit:

Navigating a ’17 foot UHaul truck towing a car through a snowstorm. That’s an adventure I shant be returning to unless at gunpoint.