I’m the same; I find it hard to stomach making “evil” choices. The only time I successfully managed to be evil (even temporarily) was in Oblivion when running through the Dark Brotherhood questline. Even after that, however, I felt the need to absolve myself of my sins afterwards — particularly as the story of most RPGs doesn’t tend to make a whole lot of sense with an evil character.

That said, “evil” dialogue choices in BioWare games are often the most entertaining — although the “middle ground” options in Dragon Age II were often hilariously sarcastic, made all the more appealing with LadyHawke’s delicious voice.

Changing tack for a moment, for those of you curious about whether Final Fantasy XIII-2 is worth your time, I did a bulleted list of observations about it over on my blog. Take a look and it should hopefully help determine whether or not it’s something you’re interested in playing. For what it’s worth, I spent quite a lot of it wondering whether I was enjoying myself, but once you engage with its rather strange way of doing things (and realise that the nonsensical story isn’t the most important thing in the game, unlike most of the other FFs) it’s a lot of fun with some entertaining mechanics and more than a few elements designed to feed into collectophiles’ obsessions.

Also, @unmanneddrone, great work on the comic. 🙂 The robot is clearly RecorderBot.

Also, I feel I should taunt @bluesforbuddha and note that I have a copy of The Last Story on the way to me. 🙂 When is Xenoblade out for you guys? Am considering a New Game+ run while North America gets to sample its joys for the first time. Mission? 🙂