@unmanneddrone oh god, that was amazing, it’s barely past noon and I’m pretty sure nothing this week is going to top that 😀 I submit… triple faces XD XD XD
I want to believe that under the steel isn’t the normal padding, but cardboard from Keiji’s box fort. We really need a title or something that we can tag whenever you do one of those, because they’re amazing and mustn’t be lost =D

@sinfony DWARF FORTRESS!! Man I love myself some dwarf fortress, took me some time to get into it at the start, even for a roguelike veteran there’s some serious interface and options there. Got to one economy and then after my entire fortress became homeless and destitute because they couldn’t pay their rent since maybe 6 gold coins in circulation and only half had jobs. I decided that next game I was going to turn economy off but still never managed to Delve Too Deep, what a great great great game though. My favorite things are the artifacts and seeing what crazy thing they come up with and imagining the story that had to have come from that. The best artifact ever came from that actually

That’s right, they made a silk thong with the image of the horse on it, It was quickly nicknamed “The Stallion” and my friends and I decided that clearly my dwarves were porn stars, The engravings all over the dining hall with the phrase “The Dwarf is raising the thong” took on a whole new meaning when we suspected that he might not be using his hands to do so ¬_¬ Hysterics abounded.

I got out of DF somewhere around the time toady started work on the medical stuff (a year +ago?) so I’m well due to go back in and see how everything works again =) Perhaps we should fiddle with the idea of doing our own Succession Game Boatmurdered style? I doubt anything would top the crazyness that went on there, but we might have our own crazy story. Either way if you need members for a mission, I’m entirely game. Heck I might need to make another effort to wrestle a friend of mine onto these boards since he was one of those guys who did Projects in dwarf fortress (Glass tower with growing trees on top and a waterfall pouring off the edges, dunno if he ever got all the parts of it done)

It’s really interesting the different ‘methods’ and types of dwarves people tend to make, mine tend to be serious farmers and have a strong surface presence defending themselves mostly with crossbows and such, Dave scoffs at me and calls them elves, he equips his dwarves with obsidian and a huge military of naked dwarven wrestlers. There’s no accounting for taste =P