@tolkoto I’d argue that while ME2 was an overall more entertaining experience, ME1 was a more successful narrative, at least to me. I think like ME2 was supposed to be driving home this sense of urgency and futility and I don’t feel that it delivered either, especially the futility part. I enjoyed the shadow broker, and Arrival DLCs more than I did all of ME2, narrative wise anyways.

ME1 had a compelling story, and the universe was fresh and interesting. The player was given a sense of wonder and intrigue. You felt epic, and unraveling the mystery behind the reapers and the Protheans was great. Not to mention Saren was an incredibly interesting antagonist. Sorry for speaking in generalities but it’s been so long since I’ve played either game.

All that considered, ME1 aged horribly, it’s worst flaws making it more of a pain to play than anything else really. While ME2 is still really approachable.

Also nice to meet you guys, I’m Wrds. Quite a unique method of discussion you all have.