@redswirl I dunno, dyson power? I think a full squadcast showing up from it coming together last minute had something to do with it

As for tonight’s adventures, I can say that Soul Calibur V is absolutely a game made for competitive play. this ISN’T a recommendation necessarily. Single player is incredibly sparse, story is crazytime, it’s best features are
1. Training mode is amazingly flexible in testing specific scenarios, randomizing certain programmable movesets which permits recognition training of mixups, setups and Ukemi traps
2. Very balanced, we won’t know for a few month’s yet but I can’t think of anyone besides the mimics who ‘cannot compete’
3. Simplified movesets and revamped engine makes things extremely percise, movelists are smaller, but a larger % of moves are ‘functional’ large changes to the Guard Impact systems encourage ‘exciting’ play (more offense, mixups and traps, no more Step-A battles and such)

All these items are based around things like ‘improving your game’ and ‘an even match of strength’ and suchlike. If that sounds great, then by all means roll in and take a look, but if you like just going story-modes and suchlike, skip it, they really didn’t put much attention there.

Also: Squadcast yaaaaaay~ poor Mike 😀 This is all part of my Devious Plan to liberate Rin you know c_c (but naw, I think I’ll stick with Emi, she’s probably better for me, consider this my peace offering c_c)

Perhaps now that it’s actually out I will stop obsessing over all the things I forgot to say or said wrong (my favorite is I’m pretty sure I said Urotsukidoji when I ment Utawarerumono! Ha! Haha! It’s… it’s funny ’cause… uh…. y-you see… um… w-wh…. where is everyone going… ¬_¬

I hope people will forgive me my nervous vocal ticks =P I gotta say, I have a far greater respect for people who are able to go on a recording and just sound like it ‘ain’t no thang~’ so to speak.

Also: a Katawa Shoujo thread sounds like it might be handy now that there is a podcast for it. It doesn’t exactly have any problem with exposure, plus it’ll help blunt the chilling effect of the minor recent drama and the normal social pressures that normally encourage people to remain silent on the topic of ‘the feels’. My end game goal for everything ever is for people to bring as much of themselves as they can to whatever discussion is at hand. When that happens it is, in a word. Rad.