Holy shit Mass Effect talk. That’s actually what’s been taking up most of my time the last month or so.

I must be weird because I’ve spent like 130 hours on ME1 through four playthroughs, the last of which I just finished up around a week ago. The reason however may be because I beat ME2 when it came out, took an almost two-year break, and then started back on ME1 with a second character. I’m kind of rediscovering the games.

ME1 for me is one of those games that definitely feels janky in most areas, but is still tolerable because somewhere in there the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. I think it’s probably the characters and writing that sold me on the package, but I was even able to put up with the Mako, repeating environments, and combat (I play on PC though, where those things were supposedly improved).

Starting out ME2 now, I think it’s better in every way except exploration and combat. Well, the combat is different, but I don’t know if it’s better. Yeah it’s more shooter-ey, but since the game was still made by an RPG house, you can tell it’s not quite there. It’s the same as when any RPG developer tries to make a hack n’ slash button-to-action RPG – most of the time it’s missing something from either side. Looking back to ME1, I actually like that while it controls like a shooter, still knows it’s an RPG. I liked how victory depended more on proper use of abilities and stats rather than just taking cover.

Still, ME2 was my favorite game of 2010 primarily for its roleplaying element. That’s the part that still made it feel like a great RPG for me. I wish someone could try to make whole games out of the type of stuff you do in Thane’s and Samara’s loyalty missions.

@shingro You doin’ Soul Calibur V on PS3? I am available for that game on PSN.

I’ll agree that the singleplayer plot is freaking retarded in that game. I think the main director got caught complaining on twitter that Namco was rushing the game, so they probably just decided to focus on the core competitive aspect.