Very interesting discussion overall going on around here. And like @Bowlismo, I get both sides.

I understand where @Feenwager and @CMWhittington are coming from as most of our recent discussions have centered around more esoteric games. I would probably place myself in the more ”centralizing” category to work with @CMWhittington ‘s notion from earlier. I am currently working through Bayonetta and have Saints Row 3, Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Uncharted 3 ready to go. The last thing I thought I would enjoy was Christine Love or Katawa Shoujo but what the heck, turns out I do. If it weren’t for the crazy level of discussion that went on here, I would have never even considered them. I am thankful for the Squad presenting me with these experiences. Another classic example of that is Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden. The Squad gets wrapped up in these ”off-center” games and off we go. And yes, probably much more than many of the AAA titles that come out but I think there are other reasons for that.

In my mind, this occurs because most of us do not follow the release schedule of these games and play them on our time. Some games (Mass Effect 3 comes to mind soon… not for me though) will be exceptions and most of you will play it simultaneously and those it will lend itself to further discussion. Most of the time though, one of us will play it on release and the rest at varying points after. Thus, when someone posted their impressions, there isn’t as much feedback because no one is playing along at the same time. It is either recalling their previous playthrough from some months back or saying ”I will get to it soon”. This is my experience commonly with most games I play (Most recently Bayonetta and Chrono Trigger) and post here but that’s fine. I don’t always expect to start a crazy 2 page long thread with my posts. If that happens, cool, Otherwise, move on to next topic.

Games like Katawa Shoujo, Christine Love and Barkley increased discussion because they are generally short experience that either free or dirt cheap, hence more people are likely to play at the same time.

In short, I understand the issue but see it more as circumstance than anything else.

Carry on 🙂