not ANY idea why it came out like this -_- what’d I do?

@tolkoto You just know that if you turn your back for a single moment someone’s going to swoop in o_o a single moment YOU HEAR ME?!

but really I think that’s the great question that the game tends to make you ask…

no not “What’s wrong with me…” =| (though to be fair I think that always hovers in there somewhere)

but like, why does Rin appeal to you more then someone else, and what is that part of you that it appeals to. I think Jedi’s ‘you’re doing it wrong’ picture quote about what emotions each route appeals to might be very relevant, I’ll also put this here… a pretty interesting thought all told. I’m not sure if it’s the question or the answer which appeals to you, but I think it’s a question worth asking.

I think for me the sense of Rin’s being outside the norm is something I respect greatly, I think anyone who has ever been at a funeral or other social event and thought “I feel I should be sadder then I am now” can probably understand where that feeling of ‘Oh dear, I’m outside the norms and far enough that I don’t know how to communicate with those inside” perspective comes from.

As for the difficulty curves, I don’t think lower difficulties are bad integrally, but I do think that there are certain feelings that you can’t easily get if you don’t fight the player, and I worry where that trend goes. As we noted it’s fairly prevalent in the industry to ensure that the player sees all your content. Nintendo tends to voyage into these waters more often then not, and I worry where it goes. I just just don’t like those kind of games,

This comes to mind

If anything can turn me off to a game, it isn’t ‘too hard’ or ‘too weird’ it’s ‘too pandering’ but then again, having that mechanic there surely saved some other people’s entire game experience, so can I call it a ‘bad trend?’ Naw, it’s just not for me, sure it’d be nice if the entire game industry would pander to my own likes, but I can recognize that the industry has to be bigger then that and for what it’s worth, good on them!