To @feenwager‘s point, I’ve also found the discussion here lately to be far outside of my interest level. I agree that the Squad is a uniquely mature place that’s perfect for discussions like these but the balance just seems to be off. @unmanneddrone made a great point that many posts get ignored while the obscure game discussions reign supreme. I’m sure that some kind of restructuring of the discussions (like what @bluesforbuddha has alluded to) would help out a lot.

I was playing Hero Academy yesterday and realized that while I was playing with a lot of Squaddies, only @angryjedi posts here regularly. The lack of “centering” voices from the others (@iscariot83, @bigdaddygamebot, @zegolf, @scribl, @ajguy) is really missed around here. I’m going to reach out to them.

Much love to my Squaddies.