@rampantbicycle Yes, yes! Apologies. Cut and paste effort right here, so we’ll aim to have everything sorted and submitted by the 25th or something, then I’ll have it ready to roll by the end of the month.

Get Out The Map

Submit two tracks via THIS FORM, supply links if you feel the need, send me MP3s IN ADDITION to your form submission with the appropriate details via email at unmanneddrone ( a t ) gmail (d o t) com IF tracks are really obscure.

I shall take motivation to get it out the door quickly via the kind words of my Materials Design & Tech teacher in highschool, the venerable Michael “Mick” Pennisi, in “Pulling the lead outta one’s arse, wombat!”.

The lead has been removed.

I played a few more hours of JA:BiA tonight. Feels good. Like Frozen Synapse and Silent Storm had a tryst in the jungle. Playing it pretty casually, letting enemy troops recapture settlements and roadblocks near the airport to, uh, grind? Yes. Grind for weapons, cash and XP. Hitman got himself a SCAR, so we mail-ordered for a reflex scope and a nice entry-level pair of night-vision goggles. Waited until dark and hit a roadblock just to test out the new gear.

It was hairy, but it worked. Got a Mac-10 for our troubles and I gave it to one of the militia guarding the airport. Sharing is caring, my friends.