…Okay, perhaps I should de-lurk more seriously.

Truth #1: The Squad contains many people who have played a lot of games, seen a lot of things, and are therefore more likely to feel excited when they encounter something that seems to them to be novel, different, strange, or unusual. I get that.

Truth #2: The Squad contains many people who enjoy discussion and debate about something, and are likely to become excited about things like articles which contain controversial points.

Truth #3: The Squad contains many people whose response to being excited about something is to talk about it effusively and with immense enthusiasm.

There’s nothing broken there. It’s pretty normal, actually. The conjunction of those three truths means that sometimes, whirlwinds of something or other will dominate the talk for a while.

Frequently, there isn’t anything at all people are going on about that is relevant to my interests, other than the fact that someone I like is talking about it.

Perhaps my being a) a geeky girl (we don’t play games at all, right?) and b) into plenty of things in various areas of my life that nobody has much interest in but me has desensitized me to this, but it doesn’t bother me too much when the main discussion zone goes off into something that doesn’t interest me particularly. Hey, people are having a good time. If I’ve got something to add I’ll say it, but if I don’t have anything to add, it’s still nice to watch people enjoying themselves and hear what they’re into. Maybe I will hear about some stuff I might not otherwise have looked into. That’s cool.

That said, I too am a little confused about what is being suggested here, though I think I feel more or less as Impy and Shingro do (for what it is worth, considering the generally lurking nature of my participation.)

Nobody should have to feel that they are being ignored – though I doubt that is really the case; rather that effusive excitement about one or two things can make it hard to pay equal attention to all things at once. If that is the issue, though, will a mechanical adjustment really relieve what is essentially a behavioral tension?

There are valid points to be made against too much siloing of discussion as well. The echo chamber is easy to create but difficult to undo, and if I must choose I’d rather see the talk lively with things I do not care about than die off. The energy and enthusiasm are generally politely expressed and fun to watch, regardless of topic or my interest level therein.

I think that may be the most text I have ever posted here. Now I shall re-lurk.

Oh, wait. One more thing: Submit tracks, everybody! 😉 I’ve gotta go find my second one.