I am still trying to get my head around the arguments here.
Is the argument that the games some are choosing to play and write about aren’t able to be appreciated by everyone? Are the ‘Back in my day’ comparisons to modern games clogging the excrement filter for this site?

I am genuinely interested in what each and every one of you have to say about the games you play. I might not play your games (Lord knows I still haven’t tried Katawa Shoujo), but I think you should feel free to let me know why it is hotshit/horseshit, and you can accommodate perhaps some respectful dissension from your fellow squaddies. We aren’t troll’s here. We aren’t THOSE guys. Why do we all of a sudden have to put ourselves in categories? We each have ideas about what makes a good game, and not every “good game” will hit that mark. Often times the games we find surprising and interesting come from unlikely sources, sometimes they are from the same well of awesome we know and love. Maybe not everyone will find a topic interesting, but then there are opportunities for new topics to be had.

@Roc I don’t have a platform capable of running Hero Academy… but I think that looks awesome. Tell me the hell about it. What is this game doing different? Looks like social features are a part of that, do you think iOS games like this are doing unique things with social features we don’t see on other handhelds?

@Feen I am thinking of jumping into KOA in a couple months. You mentioned the upgrade system, and feeling like a badass, but is the overall combat system fun? Hundred hour games sell me on that point.
I am also a fan of magic using classes, how is magic in this game?

@Beige oOoO the man brings word of the slack. Be ye of Yeti kind?