Hmm, this is touching on a point that has been niggling at my brain recently so I think it’s time to get out the soapbox and that tri-corner hat again, over the ridge!

For myself I’ll back feen but I’ll also say that regardless of what group you belong to there’s a far more graduated sliding scale of it. I’ve met ‘enthusiasts’ who seem only pleased to talk about what they don’t like about their hobby, and ‘nerds’ who can rationally talk about a topic. Attitude has far more to do with who is willing to go after people and enthusiams then the level of ‘hardcore-ness’ you bring to your hobby. I’ll describe myself as an otaku, but I’m a rational otaku, I’m more then happy to say what’s good about what I enjoy, but there’s nothing wrong with what other people enjoy, be it shooting/sports/whatever.

If you tell me the concept of ‘moe’ is a pox upon the human race, great, sounds like the starting point for a good discussion. Paint ‘weeabo’ on my door in blood, well… I probably won’t be happy with you exactly, but neither is that a reason to hate the whole group of whatever that person belongs to. Similarly, no reason to paint all nerds with the same brush just because some of them lack any tact or are unable to get distance from their own fandoms. A high level of enthusiasm for a topic or item does not necessarily make your very nature insufferable. (or at least that’s how I see it, I suppose it is possible to hate the nature of enthusiasm, but I don’t think any of them would survive here, wrong PH levels. Just to find the squad you have to be a pretty hardcore enthusiast (that includes you feen )

And there’s still so many missions waiting out there… I don’t think we’ve ever talked any Microprose, Space Quest, Kings Quest, Police Quest and how that informed things like Heroes Quest/Quest for Glory(depending on how early you got it.) I don’t think many missions even poked at the early console days. There’s a lot of history left in gaming and I don’t think it is getting looked at. Now, more then ever things are starting to draw back to that cyclical area, and the old is becoming more relevant then ever. Even looks at modern things with that informed awareness of the past is important.

Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter showing that maybe the problem with Telltale games isn’t an intrinsic problem with the genre. the X-com and Syndicate reboots, and how x-com got a sequel Them taking another stab at tactical x-com even! The indie space too is a veritable primordial soup of new ideas and evolutions of gaming just aching to find it’s way to dry land. Biggest winner of game of the year 2011? Portal 2, but Portal 1 was a school project a scattering of years ago. now you can’t move for indie-made-big games (bastion, minecraft, terraria, etc.)

We are (or at least were) all about the really deep dive to end all deep dives. I challenge you to find another gaming podcast anywhere on the internet that talked about how Persona 3 was related to the ancient story telling history of the Tarot, (if someone does, by all means pass me a link. =P) It is (or was) our most unique and interesting feature it was “The Mission” to find games that no one talked about and talk about them, and it seems somewhere along the way as the squad grew it picked up enough ‘specialists’ to

I dunno, the squad is made up of everyone, we sometimes roll up for the most casual of suggestions “Hey guys, dead space 2 is pretty good, give it a try!” and sometimes we drop walls of text on the nature of life as seen through the lens of gaming. both are totally fine, and we all have perspectives to speak at the table, be welcome here =) but I will shed tears if the deep analysis goes away, because there are still important things left to say. If not us, who?

Sure we don’t necessarily have the people and expertise for a full and comprehensive review of everything that has ever been done in gaming, but we’re a pretty damn sight further and more comprehensive then anyone else I’ve seen. Besides, isn’t that sort of the purpose of being a squad in the first place? Different people have different specialties, and if you don’t know, it’s likely you have access to someone who does, and if you’re lucky if they’re a real die hard true blue nerd they’ll be so excited to talk about it they’ll drop everything to talk about it for free. It won’t always be 100% right out of the gate, and maybe we won’t even have the right specialists… but it’s a starting point, and if someone rages for an inaccuracy that’s just another opportunity for a great and enlightening conversation. Where else can you say that happens regularly?

TL:DR. The otakus are not always creepy, the nerds not always insufferable, some of us are rational and reasoned. Don’t shut us out, we just love some things very much, even the insufferable nerds at the core ‘only want to help you make the right choice’ misguided, not bad. The squad is made of all kinds, including nerds and nerd-kings. No reason to keep the squad ❤ from any particular people, they're more complicated then you might think. I'm pretty sure that everyone in the squad is here in good faith which is why we can talk between all levels of enthusiasm. Also: I love our unique brand of analysis and the amazing depth and perspectives some of you guys can take while looking at things. I hope beyond hope that always remains part of the squad.