@Beige Great article. I tend to agree with the overall premise although like @redswir1 I don’t think Nintendo will ever be able to truly satisfy both sides of the divide here. In the end, they will get dinged if they radically change the series and they’ll get dinged if they stick to the current formula. If there is one thing from that article I would like Nintendo to implement, it would be the proper open worldness. I have become more and more frustrated by the obvious “This will open up once I get INSERT ITEM HERE later on” visuals cues that you see as you explore the world.

Next point, after saying I would stop after my second go-through of Katawa Shoujo (which ended up being Shizune btw), I am now presently working my way through the other 3 threads. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!??? :p I guess I am truly hooked to the experience. Whodafunkit? Hopefully, I am done in time to truly enjoy the totality of the upcoming squadcast.