@unmanneddrone Oh by no means do I think specialists should make up all reviews, just like I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy or not buy a game based on a single review. If I ever do get down to the point where I can’t rent a game and there’s no demo, I’ll roll up to Metacritic and through there look at four or five different reviews.

If I’m deep into one genre and I’m looking at a game primarily made for the fans, I’d rather read a review from a specialist talking directly to that audience. Outside of that there will always be other reviewers taking the general viewpoint for the general audience. It’s great if a reviewer can have equal understanding of Catherine and Anno 2070, but as @angryjedi said, too many people have started to review those things on the same scale.

Also, here’s the other big issue: Reviewing multiplayer and online games. Most of the time I don’t even mention multipalyer anymore when I write about games. I’m starting to think that a main problem is that critics simply aren’t given enough lead time with their games to properly examine them.