5.5 hours worth of KoA:Reckoning thoughts:

1 part Fable, 1 part God Of War, 2 parts every fantasy RPG you’ve ever played. If that sounds good to you, there’s a lot to like here. The environments are artistically pleasant, and everything has the feel of being crafted, as opposed to procedurally generated.

The story has lots of towns and races and people with unnecessary apostrophes, and I’m not sure I know what’s going on. To be fair, my character doesn’t either, so that may be intentional at this point. The lone dark spots are the utter generic nature of, well…everything and some unpleasant menus and genre conventions (boo to limited inventory slots and item degradation. Boo, I say)

The loot, sweet progression system (want to be a brawler AND a thief? Go for it), and deep, action game combat are what you’ll want to come to the party for. I can’t overstate how good the combat is, it’s truly up there with the best action games. You’ll actually look forward to combat, in a way I haven’t felt since Fable 2. Imagine that game’s system, but much deeper.

Definite thumbs up so far.