@unmanneddrone More “freeform” games such as strategy titles are interesting ones because they can be the source of emergent narrative led almost entirely by the player’s imagination. This can work with board games, too — I livetweeted a solo game of Pandemic the other week and it was a lot of fun to relate the game actions to a sort of “narrative”. I love reading that sort of thing. It was the @play thing on GameSetWatch that took this approach with roguelikes and piqued my interest in the genre enough to seek out and play a whole bunch of them.

EDIT: Love the look of that iOS game, but 1) it doesn’t appear to be available in the UK store and 2) the only trouble I find with that sort of game is finding other people who are playing. When you live relatively out in the boondocks like me, the social parts of the game are somewhat lost. 🙂