In regards to reviews or impressions, I go by Out of Eight, RockPaperShotgun, NeoGAF (only from a very select number of users) and a bunch of gamers under the SoS banner. A few other sites here and there, but mostly those.

I’ve come to rely less and less on any sort of reviews or impressions these days. Whatever looks interesting, I’ll investigate if I can.

And my personal opinion is that, if you need some sort of final score, do it out of five. Anything higher, especially out of ten or one hundred, leaves a lot of dead numerals below six/sixty. It’s pointless and relatively arbitrary. What’s the difference between an 84 and an 83? And certainly, what’s the difference between 30 and 31?! In the scale of marketing these days, you’re simply determining which spade to use in digging a studio’s grave.

Five stars, essential. Four stars, good. Three stars, acceptable with a nod to fans of a genre. Two stars, has issues, not great. One star, not good.

My ineloquent clutch of roubles.