Honestly though, every once in a while I see a ray of hope in all this “reviews” crap. Probably just oddities, but still.

The first time I actually heard about 999 was when I stumbled across IGN’s review, which spoke very highly of the game in fact and respected what it was. Actually I think all the “big” game sites treated it this way (it actually ha an 82 on Metacritic but whatever). Also, one strange example of review dissonance (if you wanna call it that) I’ve see was with Top Spin 3 – a very hardcore Tennis sim that most places gave average reviews because the learning curve was too high for most of them. Most notable was Morgan Webb’s condescending review of the game. On the flipside, the guy who reviewed it for IGN was a dedicated Tennis fanatic who I believe gave it around a 9.0 in a review riddled with Tennis jargon.

If anything that’s what I’d really like to see more of – more recognition of the people actually writing the reviews so readers can become more familiarized with their opinions and follow them. Didn’t the old EGM or some old game magazine have profiles of the writers that included what genres they specialized in?