@feenwager Yes, that’s sort of what I meant, really, I think. Not necessarily a, say, entirely sports game-focused site (actually, that might not be a terrible idea — you could get a staff of people who were both gamers AND sports fans to run that), but a site who can look at particular “breeds” of game on their own merits rather than comparing them to non-equivalent blockbusters. The fact that Catherine was reviewed on the same scale as Battlefield 3 is ludicrous — the text of its low-scoring reviews made it even more ridiculous. 4.5 out of 10 but a review that commended it for its ambition and mature narrative? Hmmmm.

My point, essentially, is that sites simply can’t be catch-alls any more. The medium is far too broad for that. Stuff gets lost, ignored or judged unfairly.

And c’mon. You know you want to bang a handicapable honey really. 😉