@angryjedi Spot on, Pete. Your KS blog posts of late being a case in point, I do love a good game diary. If a journo is spending a bunch of hours with a game, I’d much rather have them jot down points as they go. It paints a nice picture of the progression, gives insight into both the player and the title, and for my money, does a better job in illustrating player interpretation on the fly.

I remember reading this smashing GalCiv2 game diary that was so good, it even was turned into book form and given away with PC Gamer UK in 2008. I’d recommend that to @bowlisimo, actually. His complaint that GalCiv2 doesn’t have much in the way of personality is true to an extent, but a good game diary can definitely light the fires of intrigue and excitement, and would be a fine reignition of waned interest. Especially if it’s humorous.