Reviews. Ugh. The worst part is when Metacritic tries to approximate THAT into whatever score it “felt like”. Actually, the worst part is when I look at trailers and commercials on TV that will quote lines from destructoid and OXM, oftentimes from Previews and not even Reviews. And “Best of E3 2011” doesn’t mean shit in the long run. Most of the time when I buy a game I’ve already read about it, seen gameplay videos, or rented it.

From what I understand, people are most likely to go to trusted personal sources on these kinds of things whether it comes to games, movies, or even voting. I’m almost the furthest thing from a film buff, but whenever I see a cool trailer somewhere, I’ll usually call up my brother who owns like 1,000 movies and still goes to the theater 20 times a year. By the same token, you guys and GAF have become my most trusted sources on game quality.

Y’know what I think the best option is? Friend recommendations like the ones on Steam. It’d be great if Xbox Live and PSN let you type out a user review of any game you’ve played at least a few hours of, and then post that review for everyone on your friends list who looks at that game. Hell, I’ve already reached a point where when I want opinions, I’ll bring up my XBL or Steam friends list, see who’s gotten a lot of achievements or logged a lot of time on that game, and ask them.