@bowlisimo I’d messed about with it only intermittently before word of the Complete Mod surfaced, then put it on hold, then was preoccupied with other geekery, upon which the return to CoP was met with word of this Misery mod, so it’s all pretty fresh. I’m liking it, though. It’s definitely my favourite “terrestrial” game world, the ol’ Zone. I don’t know if you’re in the mood for more open world craziness, but have you ever considered Precursors…or Xenus 2 (the sequel to Boiling Point: Road to Hell)? Not nearly as much polish – can you believe it!? – as STALKER, but earnest Ukrainian sci-fi and South Caribbean FPS/RPGs respectively. Hideously bare-boned English releases, so much so that you’re best to seek out the Russian sound packs, but so much fun. I’ve lightly pimped them here, but you might dig them. Clunky, unwieldy, semi-broken, but ambitious and strangely intoxicating!

Precursors Trailer
Xenus 2 Trailer

Both from the same engine. Developer went bust years ago, probably negotiating the 360 version, but there’s a small group of fans dedicated to slowly bringing in the fixes and patches.

You probably don’t want more irradiated Eastern Bloc picnic simulators for a while, but keep these rough as guts gems on the list.

In regards to time…I do tell a lie, because I got an hour or so last night where I was able to relive the Burnout 2 days with a good friend back home; bit of Steam Voicechat and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Went to bed thereafter dreaming of Big Surf Shores and the Custom Roadster, all those years ago.