@redswir1 It says a lot about that game when you compare it to prison. It doesn’t sound like you enjoyed it at all, were you just playing it out of spite at some point?

I know I’ve said this before, but as far as that series goes, FF12 may be my best hope of ever cracking those games. It’s one of the last widely revered gaming series left for me to dig into or forever be ignorant about. Maybe after MGS4 (which is great so far), before Mass Effect 3 hits.

@unmanneddrone Call of Pripyat / Misery done. I feel like after all that time, Pripyat was the low point of that game, which is weird considering the game’s name. As interesting as visiting a long abandoned town with a history like that is (and you can tell they spent a lot of time making it accurate), it just wasn’t interesting to be a Stalker in it. The narrative thread there really unraveled quickly and wasn’t very satisfying at all. Although, it was nice to get a little SoC closure, and I did enjoy the character focused “where did everyone end up” final scenes. I managed to keep all the important people alive without knowing it would matter in the end. They did right by me in that regard.