@bowlisimo Oh no I enjoyed parts of the game. Otherwise I wouldn’t have finished it. The problem is with how little there is to enjoy and the relative monotony of the experience compared to most RPGs, J or W.

If you haven’t played it yet, FFXIII’s problem is that the game encompasses an enjoyable combat system… and nothing else. I enjoyed huddling my guys together for a football play with each new fight that actually required me to use my damn brain to finish, especially the final boss, but that alone is not enough to sustain a 60-hour game. You wanna go off and do something else? Go kill these extra monsters. That’s it. At least dungeon crawlers have the decency to make equipment and loot gathering a compelling part of the experience.

I’m thinking of going back to XII because that game still has the smoothest and most advanced battle system in Final Fantasy (not that XIII’s wasn’t great) and because there is actually shit to do. I miss walking around a map and visiting towns and talking to people in console JRPGs (I’ve been playing all the western stuff on PC). I think XII still represents the most advanced execution of this type of gameplay, and I’m just pissed that Square Enix and FF fandom as a whole treats that game as an anomoly.

Anyway, if you’re still interested in getting into the franchise proper, you gotta ask yourself what you look for in an RPG. XII is definitely the most similar to WRPGs in terms of combat (which some people compare to Infinity Engine games) and even the world. FFV also offers a combat system that feels fun and liberating to this day. And then of course there’s Tactics, considered one of the deepest console RPGs ever.

Anyway, game suggestions for the next week? I’m thinkin’ about Sonic CD (which I’ve never played). Actually, thinking about this now, I have very few games that I bought last year and didn’t beat. I think my backlog of new games grew by less than five titles. But there is one other thing I’ve been thinking of getting to… reading a goddamned book.

If you know me you know I’ve read probably two whole books in the last 10 years. Well, someone suggested me Stalingrad this past week and the sample is already in my iPhone. Anyone read it?