@redswir1 Man, great post. Goddamn I love all the fingers on varying pulses. In regards to Player Ready One, I am in your camp. Not much resonated with my childhood, perhaps due to kicking down the door in 1984, but even then, the cultural flow-on is still there for all to enjoy. I did it via audiobook on my drives to and from work, and it was a pleasant enough experience. Even if I had been born earlier, my interests probably wouldn’t have coalesced greatly with the book’s cultural fan-service as it has the Squad Leaders, but hey, I was never around for Tangerine Dream or Pink Floyd, but I can still associate with the era simply by listening and dabbling in the history.

I don’t think you should worry at all. Things like Ready Player have the propensity to accumulate an utterly unnecessary “You really had to be there” odour, when it’s just really a fun post-modern period piece. If you were there for the real deal before it became a narrative simulacrum, then cool. If not, I’d say the book serves a slightly different purpose or experience.

Plans for the weekend: go and find WipEout 2048, play Misery and 2048 and scribble. Chance of that happening as planned? Close to zip for any extended period of time, but damn I shall give it a damn good shot!

Plans for the weekend, folks?

P.S. Thanks for the subs and mp3 emails, too!