@impynickers It’s rough with an aged Russian bolt action rifle. I keep a .45 caliber pistol for close encounters, but it’s not ideal, and those bloodsuckers man, they make a meal out of me more often than not (their cloaked hit and runs are bruuuutal!). I was fortunate to catch one of those bastards in my scope in broad daylight, dragging its leg down the road like it was injured. I was more than happy to put it out of its misery.

I love the atmosphere in this game so much, it feels lived in too. Stuff happens whether you’re there or not. For some reason my stupid sniper wouldn’t go to sleep, so I had to make some insomnia runs out into the Zone in the dead of night. It’s creepy out there in the dark, but also serene with the periods of quiet and the Milkway on full display. I crested a hill on my way back from bringing food to the mercenaries, took a moment to rest, and watched the adjacent hill momentarily light up with the frantic muzzle flashes of a Stalker party that ran into a pack of mutants. I don’t know who won, I didn’t want to go find out.